Trick Horse

Silver Star Red Cloud

is a

"Performing Miniature Trick Horse"


His current repertoire of 60 odd tricks include Say Yes, Say No, Bow, Blow the Horn,

Stand on a Pedestal, Walk over a See-Saw, Laugh, Yawn, Whisper in your Ear,

Shake Hands, Pick up a Hanky, Wave a flag, Play Skittles, Roll the Ball, Lay Down,

Sit Up, Walk through the Hoop, Play Soccer, Sing Out, Be a Puppy(Lick your Hand),

Play the Tamborine, Ring a Bell, Play a Drum, Be a Snob(Sticks his nose and lip up), Rear, Spanish Walk,

Carry a bucket, Push a pram, Fetch a can out of a closed esky, Play the guitar, Rear up and walk forward,

Cross his legs, Give Eskimo kisses (wriggles his nose on yours), Painting pictures.

Some crowd favourites include playing his drum set, slam dunking the basketball and retrieving a can of beer from a closed esky.


Red showing some of his musical talents.



Red performing a Slam Dunk for the crowd!


He is also very patriotic!


Red is an equine artist. He doesn't mind knocking up the occasional masterpiece for his adoring fans.


Red reading the paper while Athol looks at the pictures.


Fame has NOT gone to his head!


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